Get your business or organization’s messages across easily and attractively with an LED Electronic Message Center (EMC) from Bill Yount Signs. When you purchase an LED EMC from us, you will grow your business substantially. Your LED Electronic Message Center from Bill Yount will give your business the flexibility to: • Capture the attention of your most likely customers, the people that drive past your business every day.• Deliver the ‘impulse buy’ message in the most effective way. Thirty seconds ago they weren’t thinking of your Super Triple Fudge Ice Cream Sundae, but they are now--and they are pulling in with the kids to get one!• Deliver long-term messaging to commuters daily drive, building repeat business and loyalty to your brand.• Most importantly, promote the products that make you the most money. WHY USE BILL YOUNT LED EMCs?• Build brand awareness within the community• Advertise 24 hours a day• Run your specials and deals without paying additional advertising costs or waiting for advertising materials• Entice potential and current customers to visit your business• Increase your impulse sales by encouraging current customers to come in• Increase long-term loyalty by giving your current customers a little piece of your marketing message every single day• Eco-friendly (in comparison to other lighting styles)• Get your business noticed from farther than traditional static signs• Increase your competitiveness and sales.• Promote your most profitable products• Tell potential customers about other products and services you offer that may surprise them• Promote your local community such as civic activities, exceptional students or residence. Everyone likes to see their name in lights.


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