An LED Electronic Message Center will bring in more profits for your business. In a 2011 study conducted by the Academy of Business Research Journal, more than 86% of respondents saw increases in customers, and 83.33% “agreed that LED message centers measurably increased sales” and that “the LED message centers makes people more aware of the location of the store.” With a well-designed EMC, you will see increases in customers and sales by promoting your most profitable products and services. Additionally, your EMC will help customers identify your business and its location, which will increase the chances of customers visiting your business in the future when they have a need for your products and/or services. Your LED Electronic Message Center from Bill Yount "creates an opportunity to more effectively respond to the needs of potential customers." This flexibility helps to gain and retain consumer interest in your business or organization’s messages. With our LED Electronic Message Center, you could potentially see "a 2.1 percent increase in weekly store sales in the first year after installing an electronic message board". LED Electronic Message Centers provide the best and most cost-effective forms of paid advertising,” and this form of advertising is only beat by word-of-mouth, with a cost of less than $0.15 per 1,000 exposures. If you already advertise, ask us how to spend the same amount each month, but bring more buyers through your door. We install the finest American-made LED displays, which translates virtually zero headaches. The fewest service calls, the fastest part replacements and tech support right here in the Mid-West. Your sign is the heart of advertising your business and a key to increasing your profits, and you won’t have to be without your EMC when a rare issue does occurs. The initial cost of an LED Electronic Message Center may be quite intimidating. However, the Return on Investment of your EMC is quick. Business owners discover that after installation there is “an increase in business of 15% to 150%”. Your Return on Investment may be as little as one year. Additionally, the cost of operation is quite low, at approximately $0.20 per day. A LED EMC can be your most  affordable and easily manageable advertising cost. When you purchase your LED Electronic Message Center from Bill Yount Signs & Electric, you will immediately see the benefits. You will be able to run your specials and deals 24 hours a day, and you will not have to wait for advertising materials or pay for additional advertising costs. Whether by increasing impulse visits and purchases from new customers and old customers or increasing the chances that a customer will purchase higher-cost products and/or services, you will quickly notice a change in profit.










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