It is important to update your office and interior space as the new breed of workers entering the workforce today... demands an attractive workspace. To appeal to your younger workforce and clients, it’s important to have an interior that draws them in. However, it is not just the younger workforce who believes this. Nine out of ten workers state that an attractive workspace increases their productivity. With such an overwhelming majority of  employees believing that where they work has an influence on their ability to work, it makes sense to update the interior of your office or building. Colors help to greatly influence the mood of the workspace. Reds and oranges “stimulate the senses” and “increase blood pressure.” These bright colors help to increase the speed and action of people involved in the business or organization. Yellows give the atmosphere “an energetic tone” and “can make large spaces feel more intimate.” Like the sun, yellow will help energize people who enter the room, whether customers or employees. Because yellow is bright, it draws attention, whether it is utilized in signage or vinyl graphics. Greens and blues “promote relaxation, coordinate well with other furniture and colors,” and “make small spaces feel bigger.” Blue and green can be used to soothe people or create a more “earthy” feel to a room. Many other colors can ”send a very powerful message and evoke a strong response from customers.” These emotions can greatly influence sales. An astounding ”85% of shoppers place color as a primary reason why they buy a particular product.” Surely, if color influences a large majority of customers to purchase based off of color alone, color will have a similar effect on your store interior. Additionally, “color increases brand recognition by 80%.” Promote your brand and its influence simply by using corresponding colors in your office or store. An affordable and easy means to accomplish this consistency is by using Bill Yount Signs color-coordinated ADA signs and vinyl graphics.










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