LED lighting provides an annual savings of approximately 94%. This translates to approximately $724.63 in savings per year. If your business wants to minimize expenses, replacing neon lighting with LED is an easy way to do so. LED has quickly become a top choice in recent years; however, neon was once the only option for signage lighting. Though less prevalent, neon is still widely used as it is beautiful, unique, and flashy. Neon signs are unique in that communicate information with style and timelessness. The style of neon lighting is eye-catching and provokes the attention of a passer-by. Neon lighting is very customizable. Neon can be crafted into different shapes, symbol[s], letters and numbers” in a wide variety of sizes and colors. This makes neon very desirable for business owners who want completely one-of-a-kind or classic signage. LED and neon signage have their advantages and drawbacks, and you should decide what lighting to use based on your brand image.










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